About Chronicles of…

Since Stadia is a fairly new product and the community itself is new too, there aren’t a lot of websites and communities focusing specifically on Stadia. Relatively speaking that is. Currently there’s only a handfull of websites and blogs that I know of, combined with a bunch of content creators. For me, someone that enjoys writing and Stadia, it seemed like a great time to launch my own Stadia focused blog combined with YouTube content.

I have plenty of experience working for gaming related websites in the past, having written dozens of reviews and countless news posts. However I felt the urge to strike out on my own. It led to my YouTube channel at first, Chronicles of Jonkar, and eventually led me here as well. A blog, where I can combine my love of Stadia, writing and my gameplay streaming.

So what will you be able to find here?

  • News posts: I will be posting all the Stadia related news I can find, aiming to ensure readers know everything of value there is to know about Stadia.
  • Trailers: I’ll be posting/linking all the trailers about Stadia related games I can find. Whether it’s released games, games coming soon or rumoured games. If all you want is trailers, you’re at the right place.
  • (Written) Reviews: I have experience writing reviews for games for the past 16 years. It’s something which I enjoy very much and have recently gotten back into. You’ll occassionally find reviews here about varying genrés.
  • YouTube Content: You’ll also find my YouTube content on this blog. For now, they’re mainly No Commentary gameplay walkthroughs of various games. In the future, I will be expanding with live streams where co-op with the audience, you, is key. Crowd Choice and Crowd Play will be used where possible.

What should you not expect to find?

  • Various side content: My blog is mainly a place to report on news, trailers, reviews and my YouTube content. I have no plans to provide additional functionality such as wishlists, achievement tracking and price tracking. There are other great Stadia sites for that! Check out the Partners page.

So, whether you’re interested in the latest news, new trailers, reviews or my YouTube content. Welcome aboard! If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact me at chroniclesofstadia at gmail.com