When we’re thinking zombies, we’re often thinking of post apocalyptic settings made popular by The Walking Dead. But zombies combined with World War II settings aren’t really common. Of course there’s Call of Duty’s Zombie modes and the Zombie Army series (Which is available on Stadia), but apart from that there’s not a lot of choice. That’ll be changing soon, with Projekt Z. The new game is about to kick off a Kickstarter campaign next month and it’s eyeballing a Stadia and GeForce Now release.

What is Projekt Z?

Projekt Z is a first person shooter set in World War II. It’s mainly focused on co-op. Now this sounds very similar to the Zombie Army games. What does it do different? For one, it adds base building into the mix combined with survival elements. The game also seems to add in a lot more horror elements. The game is still in it’s early production stages but you can check out the devlog below to get a glimpse of the game. The Kickstarter campaign is set to launch April 29th. You can keep tabs on it right here.

By Jonkar