Chorus has been out for a few months now on Stadia, as a day one title, and was very well received. The space flight game has just received another major update, version 1.6. The changes on the Stadia side aren’t really major though, as this update mostly adds performance options related to ray tracing for PC and next gen consoles. The Stadia update mostly contains balance changes and Japanese localization options. The latter could be interesting, seeing as Stadia has shown multiple signs of preparing for a Japanese launch in recent months. You can find the entire patch notes related to Stadia below:

ALL PLATFORMS – Balancing and Localization.

  • Balancing
    • Increased time to destroy Regrowth-Seals in first temple.
    • Damage from collisions with low and medium impact angles as well as medium speeds has been reduced.
    • Damage from collisions against shield has been reduced by half, making it absorb four times as much collision damage as hull.
    • First boss
      • Damage over time when falling behind while flying inside the arms has been reduced, allowing potential recovery on collision.
      • Picking up the hull that drops from destroying the third arm will now always restore 100% hull.
      • The placement of the hull pickup that drops from destroying the third arm has been adjusted to make it easier to collect.
      • Damage over time in the last phase has been reduced by half, effectively doubling the time limit to destroy the boss.
    • Localization
      • Japanese language localization is now available for full game and demo versions of Chorus on all platforms.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Various minor visual and rare mission progression fixes

By Jonkar