The latest add-on for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online is now live. The Ascending Tide is the first part of the Legacy Of The Bretons year long adventure. It introduces two new dungeons to challenge your group and begins an adventure that takes you to the distant shores of High Isle and the chivalric Bretons who call it home. This release also includes the free Update 33 base-game patch, which provides all ESO players with a series of additions and improvements to the game.


Experience two new daring adventures with your PvE crew in the Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret. Both four-player dungeons feature unique stand-alone stories while also kicking off your Legacy of the Bretons year-long epic adventure.

Coral Aerie

Invade a secret hideout of the mysterious Ascendant Order and rescue the dashing rogue Jakarn beneath the island home of the High Elves in Coral Aerie. Team up with Captain Kaleen and explore the site’s stunning coral formations and Elven ruins as you battle your way through both the cave’s new residents and monstrous local inhabitants.

Shipwright’s Regret

Believed to be one of the shipyards for the legendary All Flags Navy, the dilapidated docks and rotted work halls of Shipwright’s Regret is now home to the uneasy dead, wrathful spirits, and Dreadsail pirates. Of course, that won’t stop the ever-enterprising Khajiit Captain Za’ji from entering the cursed site in search of upgrades for his beloved ship, the Perfect Pounce! Help the swashbuckling captain as he searches for a special kind of treasure amongst ancient history and the dead.

Both dungeons can be completed in Normal, Veteran, and Hard Mode difficulties, plus feature unique challenges and rewards not found anywhere else in Tamriel. The characters and forces you encounter and the stories you uncover in Ascending Tide set the scene for the upcoming High Isle Chapter and Legacy of the Bretons year-long saga—get ready to set sail for a new adventure!

You can view the full patch notes by going here.

By Jonkar