Last year, Google announced the Stadia Makers Program. It was a program where Google was actively helping indie developers to get their game on Stadia. This could be with help with funding, porting or other forms of assistance. The result of this program were games like The Darkside Detective: A Fumble In The Dark, Hundred Days and Merek’s Market, among others.

However with Google’s closure of Stadia Games & Entertainment, reports started coming in including one from Stadia Source with developers stating Google has winded down funding for the Stadia Maker’s Program. However, a new report from 9to5Google states the Stadia Makers program is still very much alive. This comes straight from Google. It’s unclear whether funding is still involved, but Google is still commited to helping new games from indie developers to Stadia. A good sign for the future of Stadia.

By Jonkar

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