Humankind is one of those games that should have ended up as some form of flagship title for Stadia, but is turning out to become the exact opposite. Like Baldur’s Gate 3 and others, the game is only available on Stadia and PC. Which should make Stadia an interesting option for console players. And exactly like Baldur’s Gate 3, updates and support for the game is severly lacking. Stadia players even missed out on time limited events because updates did not arrive (in time).

Ever since launch, Stadia players have had to wait weeks or months for Humankind updates to arrive compared to the PC version while paying the same price as PC players. There is some more progress being made as we speak, as the latest Humankind update “Fabius Maximus” is being ported to Stadia. But once again, the certification process for Stadia is in the way. In a Statement on the official forums, the Humankind devs clarified:

We had intended to release the Fabius Maximus Update and its follow-up patch on Stadia this week, and had started the certification process, but a major issue was encountered. Therefore we could not release the patch yet. We are trying to have it ready for next week, but it could take up to a few weeks.

Unfortunately, we’re sorry to say that after this patch the next Stadia patch will not arrive until around April. It should contain all future patches released until then. We understand that you may feel frustrated with these news, but we prefer to take extra time to deliver a quality patch for Stadia.

Humankind Devs

What really is the problem?

As you can read, after this next patch Stadia players once again have to wait months for new updates. Something that becomes harder to swallow for many Stadia gamers, as this isn’t the only thing where it happens. The real question is, where does the problem lie exactly? Is it low effort by the developers/porting team/publisher? Or is Stadia’s certification process for updates just way too problematic. The answer is likely in the middle. It’s good to know that Humankind players shouldn’t expect anything past the next update for months to come.

By Jonkar

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