In a new Stadia blog post, the Stadia Pro games for December 2021 have been announced. While there’s still plenty of time left in November, it’s a surprise to be sure. There’s a total of 6 games coming to Stadia Pro on the 1st of December, with two of them being new to Stadia and thus launching into Stadia Pro immediatly.

First up is Transformers Battlegrounds. The game has been rated on PEGI more than two months ago, so isn’t a complete surprise. However, it releasing into Stadia Pro is unexpected. The game is set in the Transformer universe and sees you controlling the Autobots in a turn based tactical RPG.

The second game, also entirely new to Stadia, is Wreckfest. Two weeks ago, an ESRB rating was discovered by us which you can check out here. So once again, not a total surprise. However it is another high profile game releasing into Stadia Pro. In the game you race against other players, with one exception. All bets are off and you can do and use whatever you want to finish. Like breaking your competition.

Next up are four existing games, including one game which was a Stadia Pro game before. The other titles are Destroy All Humans!, The Falconeer, Little Nightmares and Foreclosed. Little Nightmares has been on the Stadia Pro catalogue before, so if you missed it you’ll get another chance. It’s truly an amazing game.

By Jonkar

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