Two new games have officially been announced for Stadia. The great news is that they are coming really soon. Both have already been rumored for a while now.

First up is Hunting Simulator 2. A few weeks ago, an ESRB rating was already spotted for the game, indicating a release soon. The game is set to arrive on Stadia within two weeks, on November 30th. In the game you play as a hunter, while exploring the Texan Desert, Colorado forests and forests of Eastern Europe while you hunt game.

And next month, on December 8th, a new free to play title is set to hit Stadia. Nine To Five is an early access competitive shooter. In 3 vs 3 vs 3 matches you go toe to toe with your opponents and come out on top. The best part? There’s cross progression and cross play with PC! I’m looking forward to play this game live with you guys!

By Jonkar

One thought on “Hunting Simulator 2 and Nine To Five coming to Stadia soon”
  1. Nice to see the games continuing to consistently drop! Definitely going to check out Nine to Five.

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