The Stadia Pro October 2021 games have been announced! We’re getting five new games in the Stadia Pro catalogue, while one game is leaving the service. This means the Stadia Pro catalogue is growing even bigger. Of these five games, we’re getting one completely new game. You can find a small list below:

  • DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure: Another game from Outright games launches this week, called DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure. It’s the second game joining the Stadia Pro catalogue. In this game, you’ll be taking control of a horse named Lucky to go on a grand adventure together.
  • Hello Engineer: Early Access: Next up, is the early access game Hello Engineer. The next title in the Hello Neighbor franchise focuses on completely different gameplay, and lets you build all kinds of contraptions with friends. It’s a ‘First on Stadia’ title too, so can’t be played on any other platform.
  • Cake Bash: This multiplayer party game sees you and a bunch of friends compete with each other to become the ultimate piece of cake. In an assortment of mini games, you’ll compete to be the best. And it has cross-play with PC too!
  • Unto The End: This 2D action platformer sees you in a quest to return home to your family after a big battle. Quick reflexes are necessary to survive and every battle is lethal. There are also multiple options to see the game to it’s end, fighting is not the only way.
  • Control: Ultimate Edition: Last but not least, is the critically acclaimed game Control. In the game, you’re part of the Federal Bureau of Control. You’re tasked with investigating paranormal phenomenae. It’ll lead you on a story with twists and turns.

As always, the Stadia Pro October 2021 games go live at the first of the months at 9:00 AM CET sharp.

Leaving the service is Human: Fall Flat. Be sure to claim it before then.

By Jonkar

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