Welcome to my FIFA 22 Stadia FAQ. With the release for FIFA 22 near, I see a lot of new or upcoming Stadia users asking questions how FIFA 22 works on Stadia, especially in regards to other platforms. Questions are fragmented all over social media, so here’s an attempt to get everything in one place. Feel free to ask questions if it isn’t included in the below list.

How does the Stadia version compare to PC/consoles?

The Stadia version seems to be a port from the PS5/Xbox Series X version. The reason for this assumption is that there has been confirmation that a next-gen exclusive feature, HyperMotion Technology, is exclusive to these three versions. HyperMotion uses Machine Learning to enhance the animations to appear als real as possible. You can learn more about it here.

This obviously does not confirm Stadia gets a next-gen version of the game, however if it doesn’t there has to be a custom build with old-gen engine and graphics and a next-gen feature. A port of the next-gen version seems far more likely.

Does FIFA have cross-play with consoles and/or PC?

No. FIFA 22 players on Stadia will be playing with FIFA 22 players exclusively. However the FUT marketplace shared the same markerplace with PC players. It’s safe to assume this will be the case again.

If I use EA Access for PC to start my Club early, will I have access to it on Stadia?

No, Stadia has a seperate FUT club.

If I pre-order, when will I be charged?

Once the game becomes available or as soon as the pre-order bonuses take effect.

Is there a way for me to try FIFA 22 to make sure it runs well?

Yes and no. There is no demo for FIFA 22 on Stadia. However, as long as you refund the game when are below 2 hours playtime and within 14 days after your purchase, you are eligible for a refund. Essentially, that’s a 2 hour demo. You can also try the free Stadia games such as Destiny 2, Crayta, Hitman and Super Bomberman R Online to see how Stadia performs without paying anything.

I am transitioning from FIFA 21 Origins to FIFA 22 Stadia. Can I use my WebApp account to continue from PC on Stadia?

No, you need to start a new team for Stadia.

How is the FIFA 22 Online Population on Stadia?

We can only tell once it launches, but if we compare it to FIFA 21: FIFA 21 had one of the best non-cross play multiplayer populations on Stadia. Weeks or months after the game, you could still find matches in Divisions. FUT matchmaking was harder. However, with the next-gen version and day one release of FIFA 22 it looks there will be a lot more players. Nothing can be said for sure however.

Why is FIFA 22 more expensive on Stadia?

It depends what you’re comparing it too. Physical copies are cheaper as is the Origin license. However, Stadia’s prices are in line with PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Store. This is generally how it is. Prices are set by the publisher EA, not by Google.

Last year, FIFA 21 launched with a discount. Will FIFA 22 launch with a discount too?

Unlikely. FIFA 22 is a brand new day one title. FIFA 21 came months after the release on other platforms, when these already had big sales. Games generally launch on sale when they’re older titles.

Will there be hackers on Stadia?

Most likely not, as Stadia is a cloud based gaming servers. A hacker would need to hack Google’s Datacenters.

Do I need Stadia Pro to buy and play Stadia (online)?

No, Stadia Pro is a completely optional subscription which gets you 4K, monthly games to claim and surround sound support. You can buy and play any game without a Stadia Pro subscription. Online play is completely free on Stadia as well.

Can I use EA Access to play the game free for 10 hours?

No, EA Play/EA Access is unavailable on Stadia.

What time does the game release and when can I play it?

The offical store page mentions that owners of the Ultimate Edition can play from the 27th of September 0:00 AM and owners of the Standard Edition can play from October 1st 0:00 AM. THe advantage of Stadia is no updates or downloads, so that is when you can immediatly play the game.

I hope this FIFA 22 Stadia FAQ was helpfull. You can check out some trailers by clicking here and here.

By Jonkar

5 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Stadia FAQ”
  1. This is great. Hopefully we’ll have a lot of PC players coming over.
    Also, there are rumors that cross-play is coming to FIFA 22 in a future update…

  2. Do you have updated information regarding the online population now that the game is live?

    Thank you

  3. Ah, that’s a good question. I personally don’t have the game, so I can only really speak for what I read on Reddit.
    Apparently, the online population isn’t great yet. People are reporting mixed stories. I read some matchmaking issues could be resolved by stopping matchmaking and re-entering matchmaking. That would matchmake people immediatly, reported for both Stadia and PC. So might be a bug.

    But again, I don’t own the game yet. So I can’t tell for sure.

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