Thank you!

Hello everyone,

Today marks the day where I decided to stop working on Chronicles of Stadia. The reason for this is mainly time. With a busy life and multiple other projects going on right now, it ultimately became a struggle for me to keep doing everything at the same time. I have reflected over the past few weeks what I enjoy most and what I want to keep doing. While I really enjoyed writing for Chronicles of Stadia, another project of mine is where I intend to put my focus. I decided to continue on with the Cloud Gaming Catalogue, a resource for cloud gamers where you can see which game to play on which cloud platform, as it was very positively received by the various cloud gaming communities. It also offers a searchable catalogue over all cloud platforms with various attributes. You can find it here.

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t decide to carry on with the Chronicles of Stadia instead. The reason is mainly because there’s less and less interesting news regarding Stadia and it’s games to report. Initially, I also started the website because I enjoy writing reviews and other articles. I found that, as time went on, less and less games I am interested in covering are getting released on Stadia.

Finally, I really want to say thanks to you, the audience, for your daily visits, compliments and just kind words overall. To be honest, the positive feedback from the Stadia community is what kept it going for the past weeks. Fortunatly for you guys, there are other great resources for Stadia news, such as Stadia Source and various YouTube Channels.

I hope to see you all as regular visitors on the Cloud Gaming Catalogue (You can follow the Twitter account here). And if not, thank you for everything!